Andruw is too gifted to be great

I know that doesn’t sound right but think about it. Ever since he came up as a 19 year-old people have been expecting big things from him and aside from his one big year in ’05 he never did deliver. He first showed flashes of his power in his second full season yet didn’t have a breakout year until his 10th in the majors. Does anyone really think he could not have done it sooner? Is anyone surprised he has not come close to it since? Last season he played a full year and had just 26 home runs and 94 RBI. Not exactly impressive  slugger-type numbers these days. What is more alarming is his .222 batting average and 5 stolen bases from a guy who had 20+ SB’s in his first 4 full seasons. It’s almost as he stopped trying to be great and is settling for above average. Perhaps it’s one too many threesomes with strippers.

With the 2008 season in less than 6 months this is how it looks; 7 seasons with 30+ home runs, 5 with 100+ RBI and just one season in which he hit .300 or better. Good numbers? Sure. Great? Not by today’s standards. Thankfully, Andruw is just 30 years old and is fighting for a new contract now that the Braves dumped him. He has another decade or so to prove to us that he is not a slacker and put up some big numbers cause his 25-90-.265 a year is not going to cut it anymore.



  1. Andruw is never going to be more than a .265 – 35 hr – 100 rbi guy. That was fine when he was the best defensive center fielder in the game, but it will be interesting to see what adjustments he makes when the defensive skills start to diminish. He’s made very little so far, so it might not be a graceful aging process for Andruw. I’m just pissed that the Braves will end up giving up their 1st round pick to the Mets for signing an old Tom Glavine, but they will get nothing for Andruw because they won’t offer him arbitration for fear he’ll accept it.

  2. Good post.

    The amazing thing about Andruw is that he is only 30 and creeping up on 400 home runs. If he finds the inspiration he could play a good 7-8 seasons easily and hit well over 500.

    That is, if he is not on Mitchell’s report coming out soon.

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