Topps just can’t get it right

Jose Canseco was a phenomenom in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Naturally, his baseball cards, though never rare, usually sold for ridiculous prices. Even though his career ended in shambles and he will likely NEVER enter the Hall of Fame, that hasn’t quite stopped Topps and other brands from producing retro-style cards long after his last game in the majors. Unfortunately for us few Canseco collectors, they just seem to butcher one card after another. For example, take his 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorite, which is perhaps the most half-assed photograph I have seen on a baseball card in two decades. Who honestly thought that it would make a nice card? Or how about this travesty of a Topps card? Not only does it feature Canseco’s notorious “Boy-Stache”, it also has stars just about everywhere including the shape of the bat on the card.

The most recent I have found belongs to a 2003 Topps Gallery insert/memorabilia card that features artwork from one of Jose’s most memorable cards ever; 1986 Topps Traded. In the original, Jose looks like he is about to kick the photographer’s ass, typical Jose. The remake features an artist rendition of the Topps legend but only on about 2/3’s of the card. On the bottom center there is a piece of Jose’s game-used placed in the most awkward and meaningless position possible. It’s no wonder it’s going for under $2.00 on eBay and has no bids.



  1. Ouch, that is a badly designed card. I can see the shadow on his face in the original but on the Gallery issue the shadow almost looks like a mask.

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