Legendary card on eBay!

I should probably mention that it’s going for $500,000. There is two hours left and no one has yet to buy it. Hmm, I wonder why?

It is none other than the Babe Ruth/Harry Frazee dual autograph card featured in last month’s Beckett as the 6th greatest card of all-time. Me personally, I’d rather have a piece of Ruth’s bat then an autograph of him and the fool who sold him to the Yankees for almost nothing. I won’t even get to the half a million dollar price tag. You be the judge on it’s value.

Just look at this 2007 Upper Deck Premier Ruth jersey which is a lot more apealing than the card above and it’s under $400 for the time being. That’s what I’d go for if I could afford it.


One comment

  1. Huh, some fool bid 100 grand on that thing. You could probably buy a Ruth auto on something that hadn’t been hacked to bits to stick on a card for a fraction of that.

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