Are Manny’s best days behind him?

There is not a more loveable guy in baseball than Manny Ramirez, well, unless he’s not on your team. I am a Florida guy but have followed Manny’s career since he was batting under a legendary big man by the name of Albert Belle. It was then that I knew he was bound for greatness. As usual, I was right!

Manny has been one of the three best players in baseball for more than a decade. He has hit 40 or more home runs 5 times and 100 or more RBI 11 times. When Spring Training began something peculiar caught my attention. Manny, usually a plump outfielder looked much thinner. Could he have been a Juicer we never suspected? We will probably never know.

2007 wasn’t a great season for Manny. First of all, he hit just 20 home runs in 133 games. While you might argue that he didn’t play a full season think back to 2006 when he only played in 130 games yet still hit 35 home runs and over 100 RBI. The numbers that really pop out though are his hits. In 2006 when he hit 35 home runs he had 144 hits. In 2007 when he hit just 20 home runs, he had 143 hits. Obviously, his bat was fine but his power was mysteriously missing.

Who knows? Maybe I’m just paranoid. I guess we won’t know for sure until 2008.


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  1. I would bet the under at this point. I believe he was clean in Boston an began a natural decline in his final years there. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a .396 average to go with 17 homers and 53 rbi in 53 games; at the age of 36? There’s no place to go but down. Unless of course, he figures out a way to stay ahead of the curve like A. P. (Sure A.P.’s for real, right out of the chute, these aren’t even “prime years” we’re talking, it’s an entire career. Whatever.) Anything incredible and out of the ordinary that you see at this point can be ruled out as chemically altered. At least that’s how I will see things going forward. My heartfelt thanks to the players of this generation forwhat a gift you’ve given to the fans of the game.

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