Upper Deck screws Autistic collector!

Pat, a die-hard Canadian collector has been into sports cards since 1976. To him, collecting is one of the greatest joys in life, a life that has not always been easy living with Autism. Recently, Pat went into his local shop and spent over $500 on Upper Deck products, it was a day that could possibly kill his love for collecting.

His first purchase was two packs of ’06 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection hockey which cost $110 per pack. Pat claims that instead of the four cards per pack he only received two.

His next purchase was a Hobby box of Upper Deck SPx football, in which he pulled a rare Eli Manning jersey card #’d to just 10 that was damaged, thus making it worthless (see below).

His last purchase was a box of Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey which contained 12 packs of just two cards per pack instead of the 4 it should have had.

When our friend Pat sent a letter to Upper Deck along with the damaged card, U.D sent back the card without replacing it and sent back its own letter that had nothing to do with the first. They also sent him worthless cards hoping to please the disgruntled collector. So what is Pat left to do? Should he just let his money go to waste and enjoy his Eli Manning damaged card? He called Upper Deck and got the run-around.

Pat told Wax Heaven that he will try calling them again Monday. Let’s hope that Upper Deck does right and replaces the damaged card and does something to properly mend this collector’s broken heart.


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