It’s not about color, America!

As is the case in America these days, when a black celebrity gets in trouble there are poor misguided fools that call out racism. Barry Bonds being indicted is not about him being a great black athlete in a white-owned sport. He is not being indicted because he took steroids. He isn’t even being indicted for his dubious tax situation. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Barry Bonds entered a Federal Court and while under oath lied about knowingly taking steroids. Case closed.

Now everyone from Charles Barkley to Joe Morgan is speaking out against the government for “singling out” Barry Bonds. C’mon, be real for a minute. You don’t honestly think in your little brains that if Ken Caminiti, an All-American white boy, lied under oath that they would just let it go, do you? Or how about Cuban-born Jose Canseco? The difference between these two men and Bonds is that they had to balls to admit to cheating. Bonds was ready to take his secret to the grave and if he gets the maximum 30 years that he is facing, he probably will.

All Bonds had to due was admit to what we already supsected. Sure, it would have forever tarnished his image (Giambi?) but at least he would be able to play another game. That is the difference between a man and a coward. Bonds did not want to step up when he was asked to and now when the ’08 season begins, Giambi will be suiting up to play his first game and Bonds will be saying goodbye to his family and a sport that he helped destroy.



  1. I agree 100%! I think the same way about Mark McGwire because he fell silent when the opportunity to come clean presented itself. And gee, McGwire’s white. Go figure, it’s not about race, it’s about actions.

  2. Are they really pulling the race card on this? How tedious! I agree with you completely. All one has to do is look at how Giambi behaved and how people think of him now to understand integrity. Bonds is a major a-hole in a zillion ways, no matter his color.

  3. I couldn’t disagree with you more. This issue is much more complicated then simple racism, but to deny that race is an issue is to look blindly upon the situation. Perhaps the race card is played to often but to deny it on a matter of principle is inane. People consistently make the mistake of thinking that because they don’t personally think a certain way because of someone’s race then no one else does. Steve G (good name) might think McGwire is equal to Bonds, but the treatment of the two players is night and day.

  4. McGwire and Bonds treated differently has to do with the fact that Big Mac is old news. Barry not only holds the single-season record but also the career record and the fact that he was subpoenaed months after passing Ruth obviously adds to the media scrutiny.

    What is the worst Big Mac did? Break down in the Senate hearings and be named in Jose Canseco’s book. Bonds, he has not only been accused of lying in a Federal Court but also been named in the Mitchell Report AND in the same year he broke Hank Aaron’s record.

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