Welcome back, Roger!

Baseball is in a sad state of affairs when its single-season and career home run record holder is a criminal, who not only lied under oath in a federal court, but also took illegal muscle-enhancing drugs to get to those records. You don’t see this kind of stuff happen with the N.H.L, N.F.L, or N.B.A, do you? The truth is that Barry Bonds is a cheater and the commissioner knew well ahead of Hank Aaron and Roger Maris’ home run records being shattered. It is time for US few true fans of baseball to make a stand and ignore the record books when it comes to cheaters like Barry and so many others. We are no longer going to stand for steroids and greedy owners destroying our once sacred game any longer.

In my eyes, the all-time Home Run King is Hank Aaron.

In my eyes, the all-time single-season Home Run King is Roger Maris.

As of yesterday, players like Jose Canseco, Rafael Palmeiro, and Barry Bonds never exsisted. They never played a single game and never hit a monster home run. They are figments of our imagination. From this point on any other player, whether established or not, who tests positive for steroids should have their career stats banished from the record books. It is the only way for baseball to regain its once immense integrity that was ruined by Canseco and his Steroid Gang.


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