Crack heads on eBay

It hasn’t even been three days since I found a crazy man trying to pawn off 2 rookie cards, albeit rare rookie cards, of a completely unknown player for $4,000. Today I found a true crack head trying to sell a worthless Nolan Ryan package for $800! The package in question is an “M.V.P Collector’s Pin and Score Card” from 1990. To the most die-hard Nolan Ryan fan it is worth probably $5, if that and this guy is asking for almost a grand. To put it in perspective, the same pin and card from Hall of Famers Roger Clemens and Wade Boggs both go for less than $1.

How this man came to the conclusion that the Nolan Ryan pin & card is worth $800 is beyond me, but I have sent him an e-mail nonetheless. If I get a response, I will post it here.



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