The Heavenly 7

Every month Wax Heaven will bring you the Heavenly 7, a list of cards of proven stars who’s cards it would be wise to invest in, if you haven’t already. The prices have been provided by Beckett Baseball magazine.


1. Prince Fielder

With just two full seasons under his belt he became the youngest player (23) to reach the 50 home run mark in a season. At his young age, the sky is the limit! There are a couple of good rookie cards to pick up but his 2002 Upper Deck Prospects Premieres Autograph is arguably the best to hang on to if you can afford the $200 price tag.

2. Alex Rodriguez

Yeah, the guy is greedy and incredibly selfish but nothing will take away his 500+ home runs and the fact that he reached that level at a younger age than anyone else. Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Barry Bonds have nothing on this guy. If you don’t already own his relatively cheap 1994 SP rookie you probably want to get one…soon.

3. Ryan Braun

I don’t believe in hype but you just cannot ignore what the “Hebrew Hammer” did in barely 100+ games. If Ryan can get a full season in, 50 home runs is not out of the question. His 2005 Bowman Chrome Draft is where its at and you can pick it up for about two C-Notes or less if you know how to bargain.

4. Albert Pujols

The fact that this guy is connected with the shady Tony LaRussa makes me wonder if he hasn’t dabbled in the Juice at one point in his amazing 7 year career in which he has hit 30 or more home runs each time. On paper, no one has been better than Pujols and if he can stay healthy there should be nothing to hold him back from 500, 600, even 700 home runs one day. His Bowman Chrome is out of reach for most of us but if you can afford a $3,500 baseball card, more power to you. Oh, and I hate you.

5. Hanley Ramirez

Hanley has a chance to do something no one in the history of the game has done; become the first ever “50-50” man. He improved his power from 17 home runs in 2006 to 29 in 2007 all while stealing 50 or more bases in back to back seasons. He is just 23 years old so his rookie card, from 2003 Bowman Chrome is not so bad at $200.

6. Miguel Cabrera

This one is a risk. Miguel has hit 30 or more home runs 3 out of the last 4 seasons and is just 24 years old so there is no doubt that he is a slugger BUT he has also ballooned in weight and has had multiple problems with teammates which could mean he is headed down the wrong path. As of now the Marlins are putting him out on the market to see what they could get for him. A trade to the Red Sox or the Yankees might inspire him to become all he can be so it might be a good idea to pick up his Topps Chrome Traded for $50. If you live on the edge, there is a Topps Traded autograph that books for $600 but you can probably pick up for considerably less.

7. Ryan Howard

Ryan is 27 and has only played in 2 full seasons which means to reach legendary status he will have to continue to have 58 home run seasons like he did in his MVP 2006 season. His 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft goes for a disrespectful $60 but you can get the refractor for $200.



  1. He’ll probably be even higher in December’s list since he just won Rookie of the Year.

    I think he might even turn out to be better than Prince Fielder!

  2. Where is D.Wright??????? No, Nothing, okay then. Miguel Cabrera
    is probadly the most under rated player in the majors mostly becasuse his home is in Flordia. If he ends up in a big market like with the Angels or Dodgers he would become a house hold name. But, like the paragraph above states his weight is a problem, if he wants to show that he is for real he should show up in shape next spring training. If he doesn’t he will most likely become the next Kevin Mitchell, but for now i will hold on to his rookies.

  3. Great list, Im always looking for cards to invest in. Im working on a list of young players to invest in and I’ll send it to you when i get a chance.

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