Stop the insanity!

There is currently a mad man on eBay trying to sell two graded 1/1 Bowman rookie cards of a guy named Elvis Andrus for a whopping $4,000! One is a 2006 Bowman Sterling Red Refractor and the other is a 2006 Bowman Chrome Super Fractor. Now while both cards are beautiful (specially the Sterling), to ask for more than $500 seems somewhat ludicrous considering Elvis is at best a singles hitter who will probably do something like 7 home runs, 50 RBI, 60 Stolen Bases, and low .300 average per year. I mean, just look at his minor league stats and tell me this guy is gonna do much of anything if and when he becomes a full-time pro. I’d say he’s well on his way to being a poor man’s Juan Pierre.

How about this…if Elvis wins rookie of the year in 2008 or 2009 I will buy each person who leaves a comment in this topic 3 packs of Bowman Chrome of whatever year he wins the award from. That is how certain I am that Elvis is not going to do much and that crazy eBay member is on some crazy drugs.



  1. I couldn’t justify spending that much on a card of an unproven player. I couldn’t justify spending that much on a proven player. If the card was close to 100 years old and in that condition, that may be one thing. That type of money for a card that isn’t even 2 years old is plain stupidity.

  2. Those kind of listings crack me up. I can think of a ton of other cards I would buy before I bought these two. Maybe he is getting his Elvis’s confused.

  3. That guy’s on crack. You could buy a nice Willie Mays rookie card with 4 grand and still have enough to pick up a ’54 Hank Aaron. What the hell’s the point of grading a 1/1 anyway? So what if it’s gem mint, it’s the only one there is! A dog could take a shit on it and it would still be the finest example in existence.

    To be fair to Elvis, he’s a pretty decent prospect. He’s only 19 and the stats are a bit misleading because Myrtle Beach is notorious for being the worst hitter’s park in the minors. That being said, unless Jesus floats down from heaven, picks up a bat, rakes .692 with 197 home runs in A ball and then personally blesses his superfractor into a get out of Hell free card, there is no freaking way a card of a prospect is worth 4 thousand bucks.

  4. That’s 12 packs of Bowman Chrome I might have to buy if Elvis turns out to be the Venezuelan Pujols!

    I’m sure he will put on some weight and have a little pop but I just don’t see him being worth $4,000……ever.

  5. Andrus was legit in A-ball; but it was mainly his glove. He turned a lot of heads when I was working in the SALly league because he was only 17. He’s the Rangers’ (traded from the Braves in the Teixeira deal) version of Tabata. I’d love 3 packs of chrome, but I don’t see it happening….

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