No one will take away Kevin Mitchell’s amazing 1989 season in which he hit 47 home runs and drove in 125 RBI. He also had great seasons in ’90 & ’94 but in the end there is a story in Doc Gooden’s biography that will be remembered long after Kevin Mitchell’s MVP-caliber 1989 season is forgotten. One that involves drugs, Kevin’s girlfriend, Kevin’s girlfriend’s baby kitten, and a butcher knife. If you are an animal love I’d suggest you go HERE instead.

Below is an excerpt from the book;

“Mitch, listen to me. It’s okay, there’s nobody out there,” I said gently.

“You calling me a liar, motherfucker?” he shouted. He met my eyes with a glaze so fierce, I had to look away.

His girlfriend tried reasoning with Mitch, too.

“Kevin, stop acting so crazy, these people are your friends,” she said. With that, Mitch turned to her and raised his anger to yet another level. Still holding the knife in his right hand, he grabbed his girlfriend’s little cat, who had the misfortune to be walking near his feet at that very moment.

In one awful sweep of his hand, Mitch pulled the cat’s head back, exposing its throat.

“You think I’m kidding when I say don’t ever fuck with me?” he shouted. Before the girl could answer, Mitch took the knife to the cat, and cut its head off.


I was horrified by the sight: Mitch was still holding the cat’s head in one hand, while the body dropped to the floor, blood pouring out from where the head once was, limbs still twitching.

The girl was practically out of control, screaming so loud I’m shocked the cops didn’t actually show up. Meade tried to run for the door, but Mitch wasn’t about to become reasonable yet.

“Sit the fuck down, Meade. You and Doc, sit down on that couch and don’t move,” he said.

The link to the full story can be found HERE.


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