It’s been three months since the famed George Washington DNA relic card popped up on eBay. It ended up selling for over $8,000, which is no surprise to anyone. The question is simple, though. Did it live up to its hype? Did Allen & Ginter sell more Hobby boxes than it would have normally without the hair of Mr. Washington?

When the first bat card of Babe Ruth was announced it was like a scene out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Collectors, past & present were united in their goal of pulling out a true piece of history. I even watched on as people who never even as much as watched a baseball game bought box after box of Upper Deck hoping to cash in on something that was considered a fad. Who knew how far it would actually come. It’s to the point now that if you don’t have 10-15 memorabilia cards, your collection is worthless. You are that kid that had nothing but K-Mart cards and always wanted to trade for your ’89 Upper Deck singles.

So what can we expect from 2008 Allen & Ginter, aside from more amazing artwork from Mr. Perez? How about a piece of sheet music from a classic Beatles song? Or maybe a piece of Elvis’ hair? I’m sure there is plenty of it stored in Graceland. One thing is for sure, weather it failed miserably as a very expensive gimmick, or it was the beginning of phase two of memorabilia cards….Allen & Ginter has to pull one hell of a rabbit out of their hats next time around. A Dick Chenney Gun Powder card will just not do.