Joba Gold Refractor Sells For $1,005!

In five minutes time a very brave collector will plunk down $1,005 (plus shipping & insurance) on a Joba Chamberlain 2007 Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor # to 50. The card is a beauty and the player has boatlaods of potential but so did two other “Can’t Miss” prospects from the early 90’s that investors and collectors alike took a bath in.

Their names were Todd Van Poppel, and Kevin Mass and their rookie cards caused such a huge stir in the hobby that most kids my age never even got a chance to find one in a pack, let alone buy the overpriced card from a store or card show. Todd Van Poppel played 11 seasons in the majors and never won as much as 8 games the entire time. Maas, a Yankees prospect reminiscent of Don Mattingly played just 5 seasons, hitting 20+ home runs the first two but had a batting average of .220 or less 3 of those 5 seasons.

Let’s just hope Joba doesn’t end up in the same category as Van Poppel and Maas, at least for this guy’s sake!


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