Heaven or Hell? Juan Gonzalez

Welcome to Heaven or Hell, a feature where the staff of Wax Heaven looks at a retired player, his rookie card, and asks all the important questions.

Every player has different circumstances that come in the way of their career. Juan Gonzalez was arguably the best player in the game from ’92 to ’93. From ’96-’99 he was even better, averaging 40+ home runs and 130+ RBIs a season. He also won the A.L M.V.P twice. The problem, though, lies deep within his first great season, way back in 1992. That season “Juan Gone” hit 16 more home runs than the year before. That season was also the year Jose Canseco, King of Steroids, joined Juan Gonzalez on the then George W. Bush-owned Texas Rangers. Jose also admitted to introducing steroids to the Texas Rangers clubhouse which included big-time liar Rafael Palmeiro and weight-dropping Ivan Rodriguez. So was “Gonzo” part of that steroid gang?

We may never know the truth about Juan Gonzalez but one tell-tale sign might be in his career stats towards the end of his career. In the last six seasons of his playing days Juan was traded five times, much like Canseco.  He would also go on to have only one great season, in 2001.

Wax Heaven Verdict: HELL!

Juan Gonzalez has been out of the game far too long to make a comeback but if you still support his career you can pick up his true rookies for dirt cheap on eBay, with his ’90 Upper Deck being the lesser evil of the 4 brands. If you want to spend a little more cash, there is currently a 1/1 signed jersey patch of his pushing $100.



  1. As a Ranger fan I was a big Juan Gone fan back in the day. He was an absolute beast for a period of time. Its a shame it ended so badly.

  2. Juan got so tight in his shoulders from pumping up that he could barely throw in his final days with the Rangers. Plus, there was nothing more comical than to see Julio Franco (2B) and Juan (RF) try to catch a shallow pop in RF. Put up and tent and bring in the elephants, the circus was about to start.

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