First it was a comment from none other than the President & C.E.O of Beckett Media and now we have received feedback from none other than the legendary M.L.B artists, Dick Perez. If you recall, one of the very first posts at Wax Heaven was an open letter to Mr. Perez for his dubious, in my opinion, work on Allen & Ginter. Part of it was expressing my true feelings for the art, another was expressing my anger in spending so much on a product that just did not deliver. The result? A response from none other than Mr. Perez!

If anyone is keeping count, that’s two baseball card heavyweights in just 2 weeks of Wax Heaven. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. My next goal is a little more ambitious but will be revealed in about two weeks time. It involves Upper Deck and Topps Company. *crosses fingers*

As a tribute to Mr. Perez, I have decided to draw a portrait of him, which was reproduced from one of his photographs on his personal website. It is a must-visit for any true sport fans.

So here it is, a rare 1/1 piece, which I plan to mail to Mr. Perez, so long as it does not come back “return to sender”.