Investment Battle 1

With all this talk of  a Bowman Chrome 2007 Superfractor of an unknown, unproven player selling on eBay for $7,000+ (Beckett #272)  people are beginning to turn their attention away from proven rookie cards of such players as A-Rod and Griffey, Jr., who by the way, still has a shot at 650+ home runs and falling into a Prospect Frenzy.

Today there are two young sluggers who are on their way to super stardom. Their rookie cards are still generally inexpensive (for today’s market) and readily available on eBay and card shops accross America. The question is who do you invest in if all you got is a couple of C-Notes? Here is Wax Heaven’s assessment!

Ryan Braun, 23 – Milwaukee Brewers

Ryan has only one season of experience in the big leagues, slamming an amazing 34 home runs & 97 R.B.I in just 113 games. There is an outside chance that given a full 162 games he could have hit 45 or more!

Prince Fielder, 23 – Milwaukee Brewers

Prince Fielder is only 23 and has already played in 350+ games. In his 2 full seasons he has shown exceptional power, including last season when he became the youngest player in the history of baseball to have a 50-home run campaign. To put that into proper perspective, our Home Run King, Barry Bonds never reached that level until he was 36 (steroids, anyone?)!

Investment Battle Winner – Prince Fielder!

The fact that Prince was in the big leagues two years before Ryan says a lot about his skills. The greatest players start young. Anyone remember a 19 year-old Andruw Jones hitting long balls for the Braves? How about “Pudge” with Texas? Heck, even Bonds was 21 when he came up. The point is that Prince has two years up on Braun even though their age is identical. By the age of 23 you should be well on your way to your break-out season. Jose Canseco had his legendary “40-40” season at 23. In 1987 Mark McGwire set the record for homeruns hit by a rookie with 49. Big Mac’s age? 23.

Prince also has the Slugger Genes, given to him by “Big Daddy”, who had 6 seasons with 30 or more home runs. It’s in Prince’s blood to be a legendary slugger and barring a heart-attack you can expect him to be at 300 home runs in a few seasons. Hopefully by then you will already own 3 or 4 of his rookie cards!


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