Beware of Jobamania!

I am a stats freak and yes, Joba Chamberlain was a stud in college (16-7, 2.37 E.R.A, 232 K’s) and in his short time in the majors he did nothing but shine but let us not forget about the Kerry Woods, Hideki Irabus, and Orlando Hernandez of the world. I clearly recall plotting down my hard-earned $40 on the 1998 Bowman Chrome rookie card of “El Duque” only to see that investment go down the drain along with the hopes we had for Kerry Wood on becoming the next Nolan Ryan.

It seems in baseball that for every one pitching phenom we have 5 or 6 new superstar sluggers, so it is very rare when a pitcher truly breaks out. Joba could very well be the very next Roger Clemens, but historically, he will more than likely become the next Chuck Finley—and hey, that’s not a horrible thing, well, unless you like getting beat up by your wife.

There is a 1/1 Joba Chamberlain 2007 Bowman Chrome printing plate on eBay right now with over 20 bids and currently going at well over $1,000! I hope that guy/girl knows just what he/she is getting himself into. Yeah, if I pulled that card myself I’d be a happy sucker right now blogging about how Joba will win 25, strike out 300, and win Cy Young & Rookie of the Year…so maybe I should just sit back and enjoy the printing press I pulled out of my box of 2007 Bowman Chrome. Do you think anyone would pay $1,000 for a 1/1 of Gary Mathews, Jr.?

Hello? Where’d everyone go?

Joba Chamberlain eBay link


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