Let’s Stop Pretending…

Sport Kings 2007 SUCKS.

Someone HAD to say it. You would think that a $400 pack would get you, oh I don’t know—part of Ted Williams’ frozen head. Instead, you might get stuck with a card of Secretariat. Yeah, the freakin’ horse. If that’s not right up your alley how about a Lou Ferrigno or Greg Louganis card? No? Fine, a Hollywood Hulk Hogan gem.

What is sad is that most are just buying this scam of a brand for a Pete Rose autograph or memorabilia card but even those cards are horrific-looking. Flat out, Sport Kings has the absolute worst photography of 2007, not to mention a questionable check list. Well, that is if your idea of a great card doesn’t feature some old man no one outside of 1973 has ever heard of.



  1. I don’t think it was horrible photography and remember it is called SPORT kings not baseball kings so that is why other members of sports were included.

  2. I’m assuming you’re referring to John Wooden as the “old man no one outside of 1973 has heard of.” If that’s the case, you couldn’t possibly be more off the mark! Wooden not only defined UCLA basketball, he really defined the modern era of college basketball. The guy is a living legend, and there’s a reason why he’s as revered as he is, by both people inside and outside of sports.

    SportKings did suck, but John Wooden would be one of its few highlights.

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