The best of the 80’s

Baseball Card snobs. We all knew one or two of them when we were kids collecting as many baseball cards as possible. Unless your parents were rich and bought you nothing but Upper Deck, you kind of had a melting pot of a collection. A little Donruss here, Topps there, and a boatload of oddball brands from the likes of K-Mart, and other retail outlets. These brands cost real money, yet never booked in Beckett. It was a slap in the face to us oddball owners who built our collections around these less-costly brands.

One such brand was Topps Big. Yeah, it was an officially-licensed product yet never made it into the pages of Beckett. It took them a little while to come into their own but by 1988 they made a huge leap into greatness. First of all, the card featured excellent, bright, crisp photography. There was a portrait and an action shot on the front, and a great cartoon in the back, along with the year’s stats. It was the first time that a superstar like Jose Canseco was as interesting as a common card because no matter who it was the comic on the back was just entertaining enough to keep your attention.

The card was not perfect, though. It was larger than the standard which made it impossible to fit into the Ultra Pro pages comfortably and securely. If you kept your cards in a box, it was too tall and/or wide to fit properly. We just didn’t know what to do with them, which is a shame because of how visually pleasing they were.

If you want to see for yourself just go on eBay. You can buy an entire wax box for under $5.


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