An open letter to Dick Perez

Mr. Perez, let me start by admitting that I cannot even draw the most basic of stick figures. You are well-known for not only being the official artist of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, but also for your work with baseball cards. I must say that I have always been jealous of artist for one reason. The most famous photographer on the planet could take an amazing photo and with a good camera and some patience I could take one just as good, if not better. I can’t do the same for a beautiful painting.

That being said, Mr. Perez…your work in 2007 Allen & Ginter was dog shit, pardon my language. Did you recently get hit in the head by a baseball and lose part of your vision cause I am almost certain that what you painted and called Carlos Lee is not an actual human being. As far as I am concerned, you mistakenly drew a picture of the fabled Chupacabra.

Well, you are an artist and like all artists you have bad days. I am sure you will make up for it in your next product.

Thanks for your time,

-Wax Heaven



  1. I appreciate that you care enough to offer the criticism and are familiar with my work.
    You are right I had a bad day. I did not get hit over the head with a baseball, though some years ago I did get hit in the the eye by a tennis ball which permanently distended the the pupil of my right eye. But, I’m left handed.

    The challenge of creating the Allen & Ginter paintings is that they are done in miniature. They are portraits done less than the size of my thumbnail. I have to, literally, work with a magnifier to paint the things. And, of course, there are always the deadlines. But these are mere excuses and I’ll have to do better if I elect to continue to do them. There are many that turned out OK, but I don’t know…

    If you have never visited my web site ( I invite you to do so. I think you’ll find better work there.

    I am currently working on a large retrospective book of my work. It will feature every Hall of Fame member. Thank God that Carlos Lee is not a member.

    Thank you for the confidence that I will do better.
    Dick Perez

  2. Well, look at that! Thank you for your visit and I hope you weren’t too offended by my blog. Truth is, while I am not a fan of some of your work on Allen & Ginter, some of it was magnificent. For example, the Daisuke is a card I proudly display in my collection.

    I guess most of my beef was with the product in general. I paid over $200 and got nothing great. It was a dud for me. I guess my expectations were way too high cause I was shooting for the George Washington DNA.

    Well, as a tribute to all the great pieces you have done for MLB, I have painted (well, drawn) a portrait of you and will gladly mail you the original 1/1 piece, if you are interested. I am also going to add a link to your personal site, which by the way, I have been to a few times before I wrote the blog.

    Much thanks for the reply,
    Mario Alejandro
    Wax Heaven

  3. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was not offended by your critique. In fact, it keeps things in perspective and motivates one to do better. You may send your drawing to Dick Perez, P.O. Box 503, Wayne, PA 19087. I will be away until December 5, so I may not see until then when I retrieve accumulated mail.
    Dick Perez

  4. I don’t care what the others say, with the exception of Jim Edmonds (monkey face), Greg Maddux (neck too wide), and Carlos Lee, these cards are awesome. I have accumulated 10 of your original prints (2 from 2006 and 8 from 2007), as well as 2 Turkey Red original prints, and am awestruck every time I look at them. I love the old style bleacher background on the Turkey Reds. I wish you would have used that type of background on all of the prints. I love your work and am always looking for more of your original stuff.

    Mark R.

  5. I really love this cards. I have the Miguel Cabrera from 2009. Mario do you really own the Dice-K one? Got a scan? I’d love to see what it looks like.

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