1987 Topps; nothing special

There are some wacky baseball card-related bloggers out there that will tell you the best set of the 80’s is 1987 Topps. To that Beckett Brownose I say, shame on you, sir. Topps 1987 was maybe the 5th or 6th best brand of the 80’s. Look how well it has aged today. Pull out a 1987 Topps card today and it’s like looking at an apartment with shag carpeting. It gets uglier and more irrelevant by the decade. Oh, and you gotta love the wood-grain border. It’s almost as if Don Mattingly made love to a cheap cardboard box and the result was the 1987 Topps brand.

In just a few hours the TRUE badass of the 80’s will be revealed to the world. No, it’s not 1989 Upper Deck (how cliche!). It was a true underdog who was not only snubbed by Beckett and given “oddball” status but also went against the grain in being a different size than the standard baseball card. I’ve said too much…

In the meantime, enjoy my amazing MS Paint SKILLZ!!!


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