Just A Bit Outside…

Back in 1996 Andruw Jones was being compared to another young, good-looking slugger by the name of Mickey Mantle. It was at that time that I pulled his rookie card, a retro-looking photograph from Bowman which at the time was going for about $30 on Beckett. Considering that I only opened one pack of 1996 Bowman, I feel I did pretty well.

My enthusiasm for a player has often gotten the best of me. After all, I was one of many fools who thought “El Duque” Hernandez would be a HUGE star and paid $40 for his 1998 Bowman Chrome rookie card. Big mistake. It was that blind faith that led me to throw together one hell of a trade for Andruw Jones’ best rookie card, a 1996 Bowman’s Best beauty which booked for $20-$40 more than the regular Bowman consistently on Beckett.

As it turns out, Jones was quite a bit like ol’ Mickey, at the plate and away from it; the latter coming from court testimony from a few years back which mentioned “strippers” and “lesbian” in the same sentence. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he is well on his way to 500 homeruns someday. Me, I’d like to wash my hands clean of him. After all, not only did he cost me my original Bowman rookie, but several other cards (in the dozens) just to pick him up.

Check out the auction HERE.


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