The Best Designed Card of the 90’s?

In the mid to late 90’s some truly historic and beautiful baseball cards came to be. Bowman Chrome, Flair, Topps Gallery, SPx, I could go on and on. It’s hard to point to just one brand from an entire decade to call the best but 1997 Skybox E-X2000 pretty much blows away the competition. Sure, there are sets that are way more rare, or book for more in Beckett, or even eBay but no card has looked this amazing, ever.

The cards were one of the thickest of the 90’s and each came with a transparent sky background, which would very from player to player. Some cards had gloomy grey skies while others had a bright blue sky. Almost every card had a supestar player or the very least an “unlisted star”. The selection was a bit short and there were not many rookies to speak of but this was also the year Bowman Chrome came out so it was not exactly missed.



  1. E-X 2000 was actually released in 1997, but you’re right. This was one of the best designed sets ever. A set that’s been overlooked due to lack of RCs.

    If Upper Deck would issue a “retro” set based on E-X 2000, I’d be a happy collector.

  2. I’ve always liked the EX look, especially the ’99 football set. Too bad they’re hideously expensive for a box that’s only half the set or less. I’m kind of old school in that I don’t care about rookies, so a nice design is motivation enough.

  3. I know what you mean. I myself was only able to buy 5-10 packs but they were beautiful.
    You can get them on eBay relatively cheap these days.

  4. In my opinion this is a total knock-off of the 1991 Donruss Elite set.

    Marbleized look to borders , foil, square inset picture and I guess you know that I like 1991 Donruss Elite as one of the top 90’s sets.

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