Forgotten Brands…

After such a long gap in collecting baseball cards (a decade), I was shocked to discover that so many brands are no longer around. Donruss, a staple in baseball cards in the 80’s is dead. Another brand that only lasted a couple of years, but made a much nicer impression, artistically anyways, is Skybox Metal Universe.

If you’ve seen one baseball card, you’ve almost pretty much seen them all. There are brands like Bowman Chrome, SPx, and others that consistently make great products but most everyone else finds a pattern and just slightly tweaks it, year after year, decade after decade.  Skybox Metal was different. First off, the cards were made of a thin metal, but thicker than 2/3 of the competitors cards. The backgrounds were painted on and would be range anywhere from the Statue of Liberty to outer space. It was perhaps the only true artsy-type baseball card. Donruss Diamond Kings, we laugh at you.

So if you are just starting out your collection, go on eBay and buy yourself a sealed Hobby box of Metal Universe. You won’t pull any fancy 1/1, SUPER DEFRACTATION LEVEL EXTINCT PRINTING PRESS RED AUTOGRAPH cards but you will get a great selection of players like Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and other future Hall of Famers along with excellent baseball cards.


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