How To Lose A Small Fortune In 1997

The year was 1997 and a new product made it’s debut; Bowman Chrome. It would go on to become perhaps the greatest brand in the history of the hobby (Check the Beckett Top 20 every month) but today the once SUPER HOT debut is now worthless.

I remember going to my baseball card store with a hard-earned $20 and buying two packs and pulling the likes of Shawn Green and Troy O’Leary and standing next to a business man opening four Hobby boxes and pulling refractors, autographs, Kerry Wood and Jose Cruz Jr. rookies and more. It was a painful reminded that I could not compete with these jerks just yet.

The great thing is that today those two players’ career came crashing down faster than a Mark McGwire homerun record. Kerry Wood, fresh from striking out 20 batters in a game hurt himself; over and over and over and over again. Cruz, Jr. went from overshadowing the legendary, immortal, future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. in his first season to become perhaps the biggest waste of talent of the last twenty years.

Why is it all the Jose’s that let me down…?


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