The Baseball Card Hall of Shame

It’s been years since Jose played a major league game but today the baseball card industry is looking to make money from poor nostalgia-driven collectors. Hey, what do you think this blog is for?

1987 Topps has a great card for Jose. In fact, it has already been featured in this blog. Unfortunately, Topps doesn’t know that lighting never strikes the same design twice because they released this horrific-looking Jose Canseco-retro piece of shit card in their critically-acclaimed 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites set.

You could blame the photographer for snapping a picture of Jose looking away from the camera. Why the hell does he look so sad, anyways? Maybe it’s so bad because Jose’s “Boy-Stache” is like two days old in this pic or maybe it’s just bad because it plain sucks. Who knows? Just stay away from it.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.


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