1986 Donruss (Rated Rookie)

This is the motherload of all Jose Canseco rookie cards! At one point in the late 80’s it booked for over $180 and was about as hard to find as any serial #’d card is today.

This is one of the very, very few appearances of Jose’s “Boy-Stache”. Yeah, it looks horrible and the design of the card was pretty lousy but if you collected in the 80’s and early 90’s and didn’t have this card—you were pretty much a loser.

Donruss - 1986

5 thoughts on “1986 Donruss (Rated Rookie)

  1. I have a couple of these, and 6-8 ’86 Topps Traded…this one was the one you had to have, ugly as it seems now.

    I don’t care what has happened since, or what they are “worth,” I treasure them, they are from a time when, to me, baseball was still all-powerful and magic. That fun time in life right before you can drive a car, and you are too young get a job or support yourself.

    All it is is school and sports….then that time ends, and you “grow up” and the rat race begins, beating a man down into a sulking, twisted wreck of a human who thinks everyone shot up in the ’80s and ’90s, even the fans.

  2. I think this was BR.. meaning Before Roids.

    Our Experts took into consideration when he was playing whether or not the roids would put him into the winners lounge. We knew when his cycle started and ended and whether or not he would be in his peak performance…

    Ok maybe I’m full of crap.
    Sweet lookin mug shot!


  3. same here, wasnt born yet, but im thinking of getting one as its a steal these days.. thinking of buying the whole set

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